Friday, September 13, 2013

DIY Ankara Shorts

The summer of this year really spun me into a whole lot of sewing. These shorts were the first thing I sewed this summer. And they were the first pair of shorts I had ever made. And if you've ever used a sewing machine and a commercial pattern, it really isn't difficult at all.

Fabric Used
I used a red, blue and mustard colored Ankara fabric. (Click here if you're unfamiliar with what Ankara is). I got this material as a gift a long time ago. So, I don't know where it can be purchased now.

Pattern Used
Simplicity® Sew Simple pattern A1634 (out of print; Similar here)

I got this pattern at my local Walmart. The pattern was very easy to follow, and I modified it, by excluding the belt ties in front.

My Style Options
I was so excited about completing this project, I decided to show different ways to wear it!
Here's how I rocked!

With a Red Tank Top

With a Yellow Lace Peplum Top (over the red tank top)

With a White Pull-over Top

With a Red Off-the-Shoulder Top

With a White Button-down Shirt

I get a lot of questions about the neck piece I wore with the button-down shirt. A friend of mine makes them. Click here to go to her Etsy shop to buy one. She also has a Facebook page and and Instagram page. Just search "The African Fascinator". She also made the the large brown round earrings I'm wearing with some of the outfits.

I made matching shorts and skirt for my kids, and when we all wore them out together, we got so many compliments!

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  1. I love this look; very beautiful for you and the kids. You are very blessed with the sewing talent.


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