Thursday, July 14, 2016

TRENDING: Off The Shoulder

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In case you haven't noticed. anything "off-the-shoulder" is really trending right now. I find it quite interesting, because in the Nigerian community, it really isn't all that new. Nigerian women have been wearing off-the-shoulder outfits for as long as I can remember... The only difference is that those outfits are mostly made as traditional Nigerian outfits (think "Asoebi Bella" on Bella Naija).

The off-the-shoulder trend seen right now is more on the casual side. Meaning: you can still show off those shoulders any day of the week!

Here are a few of my favorites from SheIn.

Looking for bold and bright colors? Go all out with this yellow dress -- or this hot pink dress.
Want to opt for something more soft and feminine? Try baby pink -- peach -- or white lace.
Red, white and blue still on your mind? This one -- and this floral one are great options.
Going for the dramatic? Try this one with bell sleeves or this peasant top.
I love THIS dress. It has a perfect combination of mixed prints and colors. I could wear it as is on a casual day, or throw a belt over it for a more polished look!


SheIn has a large selection of off-the-shoulder styles. See them HERE and HERE.
See other cute styles.


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  1. The off shower trend is really amazing .
    Mine will be posted tomorrow, so do check it out

    1. Thanks, Khadi! I follow your blog, so I will definitely check it out when it goes up. Thanks for stopping by!


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