Thursday, November 10, 2016

Decluttering...and a Red Jumpsuit

Hello all!

It's been a while...but I really needed (and still need) the break.
I think it's important for us to periodically take time off to declutter, both physically and mentally.
We all handle life at different paces, so some of us might need more time than others.
And that's ok.

Jumpsuit: c/o Here (love this too) |  Jewelry Set: Gifted  |  Pumps: c/o L'aviye

It all began when we decided to start cleaning out our house from top to bottom, which led to getting rid of many things we've accumulated over the years...things that we once thought we needed, but as it turns out, they were just a waste of time, money and space. I really didn't realize how much clothes I had that I hadn't worn in years! 
(I heard a good rule of thumb is: If you haven't used it in a year, then you don't really need it after all.)

You see, throughout the course of our lives, we accumulate things, people, traditions, ideas, notions...stuff that clutters our lives (and our minds), stuff we once thought we needed, but as it turns out, we really don't. All that clutter clouds our judgement, reduces our understanding, hinders our sound mind...which all in turn, prevent us from seeing the Light and acknowledging the Truth. And until we consciously make the decision to open our eyes, and willingly surrender our lives and hearts to God, we will remain cluttered, filled with junk, and not even know it.

Of course, this decluttering process is never-ending... It should be constant, purposeful and evident. It requires a continuous and daily renewing of the mind, which only truly comes through the knowledge of the Word of God.

My husband is currently teaching a series our home church on the second coming of Jesus Christ. And the deeper we dig into The Word, the more my eyes are being opened to see the world in a different light (Psalm 119:105). This world we're living in will pass away, along with everything in it. So, it is very evident that all I am and all I do should point to Jesus, because clearly, we're living in the end times.

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